The award will cover all travel and lodging expenses for grantees to participate in the conference. Data Sharing All data or data-related products produced under the AERA Grants Program must be shared and made available consonant with ethical standards for the conduct of research. The aim of the program is to advance fundamental knowledge of relevance to STEM policy, foster significant science using education data, and build research capacity in education and learning. Census Bureau, the National Institutes of Health, or other federal agencies. What is already known on the issue? The final report consists of an extended dissertation abstract pages , a statement of research dissemination and communication activities and plans pages , and the complete approved dissertation. Applicants should explicitly address the curricular content when it applies.

Prepare a narrative limited to 4 single-spaced pages to include the following: Name data set s used e. Proposals are encouraged from the full range of education research fields and other fields and disciplines engaged in education-related research, including economics, political science, psychology, sociology, demography, statistics, public policy, and psychometrics. Funding Restrictions Dissertation Grantees may not accept concurrent grant or fellowship awards from another agency, foundation, institution or the like for the same dissertation project that is funded by the AERA Grants Program. Census Bureau, the National Institutes of Health, or other federal agencies.

The program also supports studies using large-scale international data systems e. Submission Information Please enter the background information requested in the proposal submission portal.

Ed Policy Student Wins AERA-MET Dissertation Fellowship to Study Changes in Teaching Practice

Data Set Eligibility The dissertation research project must include the analysis of large-scale data. Applicant Eligibility Dissertation Grants are available for advanced doctoral students and are intended to support the student while analyzing data and writing fellowahip doctoral dissertation. Does the analytic plan fit the question and the data?

aera met dissertation fellowship

Studies that model achievement test data should clearly define the achievement construct and identify the kinds of items to be used to operationalize the topic of interest. Applicants should explicitly address the curricular content when it applies.


Shavelson prior to submitting a dissertation grant proposal. What is already known on the issue?

If the applicant is employed by a contractor dixsertation NCES, NSF, other federal agency, state agency, or other entity that provides the dataset proposed for the project, the dissertation research must not be considered part of the applicant’s work responsibilities. During this 2-day conference grantees will participate in seminar-type sessions on substantive, methodological, and professional issues.

This letter must be sent electronically by the deadline to grantsprogram aera. Mt, when planning to use existing sub-scales, the applicant should describe why these sub-scales are appropriate and how they will be applied. Reporting Requirements Dissertation Grantees will be required to submit a brief pages progress report midway through the grant period.

AERA Funding Opportunities

Many SLDS are available for analysis and can be used to address salient issues in education research disserfation linked with other data sets. Considerations in the Development of the Proposal Applicants are strongly encouraged to read Estimating Causal Effects: Additionally, the review criteria include the following: The earliest date a grant may start is approximately three months following the application deadline.

Studies that examine issues of specific racial and ethnic groups, social classes, genders, or persons with disabilities are encouraged. The Grants Program encourages proposals across the life span and contexts of education and learning of relevance to STEM policy and practice. The data set can originate from one or multiple sources, including 1 federal data bases, 2 federally supported national studies, 3 international data sets supported by federal funds, or 4 statewide longitudinal administrative data systems SLDS enhanced through federal grants.

aera met dissertation fellowship

Each spring AERA holds its Annual Meeting which brings together ffellowship 15, researchers, scholars, and policy leaders to present their research, share knowledge, and build research capacity through over 2, substantive sessions. If the applicant is from a discipline other than education, a second letter of support from a faculty advisor who has an education research background is also required if the primary faculty advisory does not specialize in education research.


Prior to receiving funding, students must provide documentation that they have permission to use the data for the research project. The inclusion of federal or state administrative information that further expands the analytic capacity of the research is permissible.

aera met dissertation fellowship

Applicants should be familiar with statistical methods and available computer programs that allow for sophisticated analyses of the selected data. Although this second letter should focus mainly on the applicant’s qualifications, research experience, and potential, it should also include a brief paragraph on the advisor’s own education research experience. The letter s must be sent separately, by the faculty member.

In addition, statewide longitudinal administrative data systems SLDS enhanced through federal grants are also eligible for consideration. The research sera focus on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to such issues as student achievement in STEM, contextual factors in education, educational participation and persistence pre-kindergarten through graduate schoolearly childhood education and development, postsecondary education, and the STEM workforce and transitions.

AERA-MET Dissertation Fellowship Program: Call for Proposals

Project Dates AERA is flexible on research project start dates, depending on what is best for the applicant. The Grants Program is open to field-initiated research and welcomes proposals that: If the awardee is offered more than one major grant or fellowship for the same project for the same time period, in order to accept dlssertation AERA Grants Program Dissertation Grant, the other award s must be declined.

Also, enter the proposal title, amount of funding requested, and the start and end dates of the project. Due to the large volume of applications received, the AERA Grants Program is unable to provide individual feedback on unfunded proposals.