Leading in our region. At the commencement of this section, the framework was accessible at www. A procedural appeal is an appeal claiming that rules, policies or procedures have not been followed by the university, and this has unfairly disadvantaged you. Master of Forestry MFor. Under section 50 3 of the Australian University Act a statute may empower any authority or officer of the University to make rules or orders.

In this case, it is where the Awards Rules were not appropriately followed by the University and correct process was not followed. Part 9— Repeal and transitional. Our alumni Get involved. Student experience Accommodation Events Contacts. Skip to primary navigation Skip to primary content.

Prior to your appeal We encourage you to seek advice from an independent person knowledgeable about the process and aware of potential outcomes. Master of Economics MEc. Bachelor Honours degree means a degree of Bachelor Honours, whether the coursework program for the degree is taken as:.

If a person is admitted to a 1-year honours program, the person may defer enrolment in the program only if the Delegated Authority approves the deferral, on the written application of the person, in the special circumstances of the case.


Research Awards Rule

Australian National University Interpretation Statute Council Elections Statute A Delegated Authority for a program must take reasonable steps to ensure that this instrument is applied consistently and fairly within the program. Master of Biotechnology MBiotech. Leading in our region. Master of Neuroscience MNeurosci. Skip to primary navigation Skip to primary content.

Related policies University legislation policy University legislation procedure. Ciursework of Finance MFin.

Programs and Awards Statute You must lodge it within 20 working days from when you received the decision of the Associate Dean in Stage 1. Master of Photonics MPhotonics. Your browser is not supported by ANU web styles. Research undertaken by the student during the program must be examined by submission and examination of a thesis based on that research, together with any oral or written examination that may be required.

Federal Register of Legislation – Australian Government

This instrument was originally made under section 8 of the Programs and Awards Statute and is continued in force under the Programs and Awards Statute see section 9. Master of Biotechnology MBiotech.

The University offers the combined programs mentioned in Part 6 of the Schedule. This Part sets out the supervisory arrangements applying to a student enrolled in a program for a coursework award that has a thesis component. Master of Philosophy The minimum qualification requirement for admission to a program for a Master of Philosophy is: Part 6— Assessment Transfer between academic programs. Coursework Awards Rule No.


anu coursework award rules

Coursework Awards Rule Choosing the right university is a defining decision. Master of Linguistics MLing. Master of Studies MStud.

anu coursework award rules

For the wnu for the appointment of supervisors, see s 36 2 Appointment of supervisors. Skip to primary navigation Skip to primary content. Course Authority means a person appointed under subrule 1.

anu coursework award rules

The performance of a student in a course in a program for a coursework award must be graded as high distinction, distinction, credit, higher level pass, pass, pass at supplementary examination, course requirements satisfied, voursework fail.

The program of a student for a research award must include a research component and may include a coursework component.