At times like that, Bard was an organism, a boundary-less playground—and it felt like, together, we could figure it all out. Most of the students who are accepted are several years beyond their undergraduate studies; roughly half come from New York City and the other half from all over the world. The MFA candidates are: He had grown up in a small town outside of St. As Taylor Davis, who earned an M.

It was easy to pick out the new students: As Taylor Davis, who earned an M. Photo by Erica Leone. What does it mean to succeed as an artist? The first time felt like an initiation.

In my late 20s, I was rising in the Seattle art community and becoming increasingly skeptical about my own reputation. The goal here was to be masters in our own disciplines and students in the others.

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In studio visits, one female faculty member told him to stop making the porn collages. Visual artists meet their committees for an hour or two in the UBS gallery in front of their work, and there is usually an element of ritual to the proceedings. The installation materialized not just the act of viewing but the experience of being viewed.

So I decided instead to do my presentation in shos form of music videos and leave my voice out. Marnie was still making collages with porn and still life motifs, but he had also begun plastering huge photographs of flowers on the wall, before ripping away at them, leaving large gashes behind.


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The parameters for what kind of work belongs where are determined on a case-by-case basis. Generally, they are in their late 20s and 30s, with jobs, relationships, and already existing art practices. Under this model, students gather for several shhow sessions of intensive on-campus work, interspersed with long periods of independent study, and earn their degrees in two or three years.

He was also developing an entire lexicon of punched sheetrock panels, often framed behind glass and assembled in boxes that sneered at minimalist decorum.

As Taylor Davis, who 20133 an Tgesis. Our view is that knowledge is infinite and infinitely capable of new combinations. By the time it closed, the faculty had gotten more out of their own interaction because there were so few students to learn from. Another teacher, Stephen Westfall, who co-chairs the painting department with Sillman, recommended not showing them at the first-year crits, which were about to begin.

Sillman calls the seminar the M. I went to Bard to become unsuccessful—and I succeeded.

And though its tuition is half what Yale and Columbia charge, the program struggles to offer financial aid nearly everyone receives something but nobody gets a free ridewhich results in a less diverse, more indebted student body.

After that I belonged. In true Bard fashion, instead of responding, Marnie took notes. Most of these conversations are conducted over the course of three consecutive summers, during eight-week residencies in June and July.

bard mfa thesis show 2013

Marnie describes the independent study as a soul adventure: Like thwsis school, it can be cliquish, and students have to withstand the pressure of being constantly seen and talked about. Bard is not for everyone. One evening inCheyney Thompson, who has taught in the painting department sincegave a presentation that caused considerable consternation. In August ofjust months after earning a B.


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Second-year students are protected from the full-on glare of whole-school crits; instead, while continuing to receive a steady stream of faculty visitors, they concentrate on their work, which they thrsis in late July to an interdisciplinary panel of 20 students and teachers.

The opening reception is Sunday, July 22, from 2 to 5 p.

bard mfa thesis show 2013

InLucy Raven, an Oakland- and New York-based filmmaker whose work was included in the Whitney Biennial, applied to the sculpture department with work that on its surface seemed more like video or photography, and zhow up making China Towna film about copper mining assembled from 7, still photographs. The first time felt like an initiation. The exhibition is coordinated by Sarah Higgins, M.

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That has not stopped the graduate committee from pursuing a more ground-level approach. The MFA candidates are: Paul, Minnesota, and was 23 years old. Skip to main content. What does it mean to succeed as an artist?