We will write a custom essay sample on. I would also hear stories of parents leaving their children in their home country so that they could come to America and make enough money to either send to them or have their child join them in the US by crossing the border illegally. State and local law enforcement personnel, especially in border regions, are. After they satisfied themselves that he was not smuggling Chinese immigrants, they sent him on his way. Local and State law enforcement agencies are increasingly being asked to perform tasks traditionally relegated to federal law enforcement agencies. The author also seems to be seeking out an audience of white Americans who find themselves unaware of the problem at our borders. Unfortunately, what happened to me is an everyday occurrence here now.

Then one day when she stepped off the train in Albuquerque, two Border Patrolmen accosted her, wanting to know what she was doing, and why she was traveling between Los Angeles and Albuquerque twice a month. There was an awful feeling of menace and violence straining to break loose. They would tell me these stories and show me movies to educate me. The weird anger of these Border Patrolmen made me think about descriptions in the report of Argentine police and military officers who became addicted to interrogation, torture, and the murder that followed. Homeland Security is responsible for establishing border patrol and has established three specific goals which include securing all potential entryways into the country.

border patrol state silko essay

As she puts it: The audience of this piece is quite broad. According to the Department of Homeland Security, U. The Impact of Law Enforcement Tactics on Us words – 8 zilko violence spilling over our largely unsecured southern border. We will write a custom essay sample on.

Border Patrol Alex Essay words – 5 pages learning about all the varied aspects of a border patrol agent. Anna January 31, at 9: Traveling in the open, though, the sense of violation can be even worse. We’ve a mountain of personal experiences like that that never sllko the newspapers.


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Gus stopped the car and rolled down the window to ask what was wrong. In SeptemberElmer was convicted of reckless endangerment in a separate incident, for shooting at least 10 rounds from his M too close to a group of immigrants as they were crossing illegally into Nogales in March In the first place, the new proposal reform plea for; a a significant increases in border security and technology, contrarily to IRCA that maintain for years the same number of Border Patrol agents in both and relative to levels.

I had settled back and gone to sleep while Gus drove, but I was awakened when I felt the car slowing to a stop. She actually reaches out to the reader and tells him or her personally how they could identify themselves being detained.

The Border Patrol State Essay

She describes how people of certain colors, who people who travel with those of certain colors are stopped and thought to be suspicious more than people of other colors. The night was very dark, and no other traffic had come down the road since we had been stopped.

border patrol state silko essay

From here it is onto how well the border patrol discriminates, and how they will do their best to find any reason to bring the brown man down.

Posted by Unknown at 2: With evidence like this the audience is more likely to side with her.

The one who had asked if we were looking for trouble ordered his partner to “get the dog,” and from the back of the van another patrolman brought a small female German shepherd on a leash. The audience is more likely to be persuaded when you play against their emotions, For example Silko writes about the dog that the border patrol use and she describes it as mistreated which the audience is lead to believe the animal is being harmed.


She tells a story of her and her companion Gus being treated as illegal immigrants although they present Arizona identification.

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They would tell me these stories and show me movies to educate me. Some specially trained agents will ride on horseback in the brush and on trails.

He was so rattled by the event that he had to be driven home by his daughter. State and local law enforcement personnel, especially in border regions, are.

The Border Patrol manpower can be looked at from many ways, dssay as the extent of the workforce and decrease in corruption. Homeland Security is tasked with ensuring that no threats enter the United States by air, water, or by land. Posted by Unknown at 8: We are meant to be free and travel wherever we choose. Based in Tucson sinceLeslie Marmon Silko has earned international attention for books like Ceremony, Storyteller, Laguna Woman, and Almanac of the Dead, the last a prophesy of the restoration of the Americas to their original inhabitants.

border patrol state silko essay

Silko explains the way in which people are detained. Ssilko February 17, at 3: I had a small amount of medicinal marijuana in my purse that night, but she refused to expose me. Even in the days of Spanish and Mexican rule, no attempts were made to interfere with the flow of people and goods from south stare north and north to south.

Politicians and media people talk about “illegal aliens” to dehumanize and demonize undocumented immigrants, who are for the most part people of color.