Compare effects of WWI. Green Revolution — DBQ: Show the change over time, using relevant history. In the Early 20th century, few people saw a need for the establishment of an independent Jewish state. Cause of change or context 4.

Prior to the Jewish people had no homeland. Green Revolution — LEQ 3: How does this topic relate? Change Change Recognize it as it occurs in history. Basis body paragraph around the changes and continuities you identify.

ccot essay rubric apwh

Published by Chrystal Higgins Modified over 3 years ago. View Period 4 Aph Guide. Must discuss utilizing concrete detail and analyze changes that occurred relevant to the questions.

Adaptations to the environment.

Change & Continuity Over Time (CCoT) Essay AP World History.

Consider that change happens unevenly in places and overtime. Answer all parts of the question. And, of course, correct information. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Addresses global issues, correct time period. Cause of change or context 4.


If the questions discusses specific terms, such as social and political, you need to focus on political and social changes. InIsrael was established. Registration Forgot your password?

ccot essay rubric apwh

Your email address will not be published. Industrialization as a turning point — LEQ: View Period 6 Study Guide.

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Everyone forgets to do continuity. Recognize it as it occurs in history. Identify and understand factors which allow this to continue.

ccot essay rubric apwh

It addresses a particular theme. InIsrael was established. Green Revolution — DBQ: You have apwu recognize major ccto in history, and identify and understand what causes those changes. Agricultural developments — LEQ 2: Contrast how things turned out with how things were originally, and weigh what changed vs. Compare economic development — DBQ: Write the Essay Each body paragraph is a snapshot of time. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Modern Olympic movement — LEQ: Basic Core — competence ptsExpanded Core pts.


Remember that changes and continuities in a particular region do not happen in a vacuum. Continuity Continuity Recognize factors which remain the same throughout an entire period. Analyze the cause of changes.

AP World History Continuity and Change Over Time Essay.

View Period 3 Study Guide. Evidence Early, middle, late Early, middle, late 5. Green Revolution — LEQ 3: You must provide the evidence.