Borough of Manhattan Community College. English as a Second Language ESL The goal of our ESL courses is to help you to become fluent, clear and effective in your writing, reading, and oral communication skills. Office of Institutional Research and Analytics. Develops reciprocity and cooperation among students. Studies have examined the literary careers of certain authors, aestheticism in popular culture, as well as autobiographical essays of growing up Chinese in New York City. My first Twitter requirement was rather loose, and I let students choose the what and how of their tweets.

We hope to have regular reports soon. BMCC had, until January , a policy that only students with a 2. Below are some photos from a reception and resource we held on the plaza outside the faculty-staff dining room. So, what are Gateway courses anyway? The approaches they take will vary across the eight disciplines that are looking at the high enrollment courses. Here they are, in no particular order.

Small changes can be good: This summer at BMCC, teams of fulltime and adjunct faculty will plan and implement a project to improve outcomes in Gateway courses.

critical thinking 100 bmcc

Linguistics, the scientific study of criyical and its structureis, is a fascinating subject with a wide range of subfields, including theoretical linguistics, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition, forensic linguistics, and computational linguistics.

Our students have many opportunities to study the Cirtical. The course covers standards of good reasoning, both in general and about special topics, such as cause and effect, generalizations, and moral or political controversies. Posted in facultyresearch Tagged ChinafacultyFrancephilosophypoetrypublishingSpaintranslation Leave a comment.

We have varied success there as well. Thinnking ESL Lab provides you with free English tutoring and conversation groups as well as access to computers with writing and grammar software. We even did a Twitter activity in class. BMCC is committed to offering quality online courses with the supports students need to be successful.


From my point of view, and luckily this can be supported with evidence, the Twitter assignments did engage the students with the material. Ceitical staff in our E-Learning Office works hard every semester to help students log in to their courses and provide technical and to encourage new online students to complete a Blackboard orientation module.

Academic and Critical Reading ACR courses will help you improv your dritical comprehension through the practice of literal, inferential and critical reading skills, vocabulary development, writing, flexible reading rates, and study skills.

critical thinking 100 bmcc

Posted in facultyresearchteaching Tagged humanities Leave a comment. We also consider developmental courses that prepare students to take college-level courses, such as Intermediate Algebra or Basic Writing, and more generally, large-enrollment classes that are taught via multiple sections with many instructors.

We have seen some small changes with individual faculty, and some of those changes have been incorporated by others. See my earlier post.

Academic Literacy and Linguistics – BMCC

These courses serve a large number of students, are pre-requisites to more college courses, and are taught over multiple sections with different teachers. Neither viewpoint is supported by evidence at my college.

So we can celebrate the place of the humanities in the community college, and I believe that place is at the center. AcademicTwitter is a thing, and I wanted students to see how academic professionals discussed issues and ideas online, not just in journal articles and conference presentations.


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You may engage as yourself or create an anonymous account. Posts without the hashtag will not be counted. Many students have dependents or may be single parents.

The only guidelines for tweets are: Faculty have used a process similar to this:.

CRT 100.6 – Critical Thinking for ESL 95

Some fun things happened on twitter. English as a Second Language ESL The goal of our ESL courses is to help you to become fluent, clear and effective in your writing, reading, and oral communication skills.

However, they are somewhat older and more of them have sophomore standing. Students who take online courses fall into the same top three majors as the rest of BMCC students: We also sent a brief survey to students enrolled in online classes.

We meet them where they are and we help them get where they want to go. Read his blog here. The series has several modules, looking at various platforms. Encourages contact between thinkking and faculty.

Programs Offered Linguistics and Literacy. If you post the required number of relevant tweets, you get an A on this assignment.