Cancel Forgot your password? This is how he intends to preserve his innocence. This will enable us to better understand what informed the presentation and depiction of aggression and persecution in his plays, because we believe that there is a link between the portrayal of violence in the plays and the ability of the audience to understand the background to that violence. Having set the scene for the creation of Racinian tragedy, in the next chapter, we shall proceed to a detailed analysis of the incidence of aggression and the factors that influence the relationships between victims and aggressors in his tragedy. I freed Nature from a treacherous opponent:

According to Alain Niderst: I was by no works corrupting the spirit he chafed. According to Artaud in The Theatre of Cruelty: They rarely allow their brothers long to enjoy the dangerous honor of descending from blood that places them too close to the throne. We have already pointed out that the Seraglio itself can be taken as an aggressor or facilitator of aggression; Racine himself asks in his preface to Bajazet:

Vanquished and in chains, regret consumes me, Burned by more fires than I lit around me. This will be linked to the Levinassian concepts of on le dit and le dire. We consider these excessive passions as the meanings assigned to the creature by the writer, disserration creature that modifies the behaviour and character of the individual into another, whose main concern becomes the fulfilment of the passion. The association between mourir and trahir is found on two levels, the first being that Bajazet prefers to die rather than to betray Atalide.

So there is no real communication between these two characters. The research problem has been broken down into three questions which are then presented as the three chapters of this dissertation.


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diasertation Roxane as the aggressor tries to justify her aggression towards Bajazet by transforming his refusal to acquiesce to her demands into a crime, because she is the individual who wields most power in the relationship that exists between her and Bajazet: According to Alain Niderst: The whole acuity of suffering lies in the impossibility of fleeing it, of being protected in oneself from oneself; it lies in being cut off from every dissrrtation spring.

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dissertation sur berenice de racine

Martinus Nijhoff Publishers,p. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. A-G Nizet,p. The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. He observes that the words esclave, esclavage, puissance and pouvoir occur frequently in the play: The discourse taking place between these two characters can be considered as a dialogue de sourds, where each individual assesses the dissertatin differently and they do not hear each other.

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No more abounding hillside denotes himself underneath the shortcoming than the inner cum tribunal. This classification, as far as Barthes is concerned, is essentially based on the power balance. Through mimesis,1 they are berenicd longer anonymous fictional beings; they become an incarnation of our own humanity.

And it is the impossibility of retreat.

dissertation sur berenice de racine

The characters find themselves in situations of incommunicability,20 a factor which is directly related to the psychological profile of each one of them. The solitary individual is a contradiction in terms and, therefore, you seek to work for the common good because your humanity comes into its own community, in belonging.


Routledge and Kegan Paul, We will now turn to a study of the vocabulary of Bajazet which we consider as an indication of the dominance of the theme of violence found in the play.

We may conclude from our discussion above that Racinian tragedy consists essentially of the tension between the victim and aggressor, weakness and power, steadfast honour and abuse of authority by those who have it.

There is always an element of misunderstanding to be found between the said and the unsaid, between ordinary language and coded messages, which can only be decoded by a careful reader or spectator.

Une comparison entre “Tite et Bérénice” de Corneille et “Bérénice” de Racine

I was by no works corrupting the spirit he chafed. The themes of defilement and purity are often found in her speeches, as is seen in her last words: I appreciate all his contributions of time and ideas, to make my MPhil experience both productive and stimulating.

dissertation sur berenice de racine

Levinas points out that: Language and Theatre, Durham: The concepts of order, disorder and instability are important to the study of violence and persecution because order is said to depend upon justice, yet as will be seen in the plays, the father figure often legitimises injustice. It berenkce for this that it is pre-eminently violence, that is, injustice.