What is due for Lesson 3? This is called mixed content. In online courses, the role of both the instructors AND the students tends to shift from the traditional classroom roles. Be able to compare the economics of leasing versus purchasing, and operating versus capital leases. Be familiar with state tax considerations.

The objective of the course is to ensure students learn the techniques used in geo-resource project evaluation, discounted cash flow, interest rate, tax consideration and uncertainty and risks in engineering project evaluation. Be able to analyze a land investment with leverage. Read our page on using Canvas and become familiar with where things are located and when things are due. If you have a question regarding a writing assignment due at Finish reading Chapter 11 of the textbook Go through Lesson

After this lesson, students will also be able to distinguish the financial cost of capital and the opportunity cost of capital. Course Copyright All course materials students receive or to which students have online access are protected by copyright laws.

Summary of Lesson 1 | EME Geo-Resources Evaluation and Investment Analysis

Please note that learning Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs such as Google Spreadsheet is an important objective in this course. Take notes when you read! Just like other courses that have prerequisites, this course requires you to have certain technical specifications and knowledge. We do however link to content that isn’t necessarily encrypted. You can always ask your questions in the discussion forum first it might be another student’s question, as well!


eme 460 homework

It means making EME a regular part of your routine. Specific learning objectives for each lesson and project are detailed within each lesson. There will be no set class meeting times, but you will be required to complete weekly assignments with specific due dates.

Be able to conduct expected value analysis. Be able to compare the economics of leasing versus purchasing, and operating versus capital leases. Assignment Homework and Quiz 5 Questions?

Please contact your instructor with any questions. Please refer to the Course Syllabus for specific time frames and due dates. In order to receive consideration for reasonable accommodations, you must contact the appropriate disability services office at the campus where you are officially enrolled. I will check that discussion forum daily to respond.

eme 460 homework

Understand and know how to use Canvas. On average, most students spend 10 hours per week preparing the quiz for each lesson. Understand how to conduct Incremental Analysis. Introduction Print Overview This lesson addresses the issues of constant, escalated values, nominal, and real prices, which are very important for project evaluation reaching several years into the future.

Summary of Lesson 1

Together, these serve as our course “contract. If you have a question regarding an activity due at Finish reading Chapter 7 of the textbook Go through Lesson 7 Lesson 8: Also, corporate and individual income tax, capital gains tax, tax credits, working capital and mining and petroleum project considerations will be reviewed. Treat this course like a traditional face-to-face course and you should be fine. Skip to hommework content.


Succeeding in EME | EME Geo-Resources Evaluation and Investment Analysis

For online courses, the advice most likely to lead you to success is “Engage, Engage, Engage! Finish reading Chapter 2 of the textbook. Many of the assignments are open for multiple days, so it is your responsibility to complete the work early if you plan to travel or participate in national holidays, religious observances or University approved activities.

eme 460 homework

Personal Investments and Hedging Be able to distinguish between individual and business investment hkmework. It is essential that you read the entire document as well as material covered in the course orientation.

Schedule a time to read the instructional materials and take notes on what you read. Reading and Assignment Reading Read Chapter 3 of the textbook. Finish reading Chapter 11 of the textbook Go through Lesson 11 Lesson Go through Lesson 5 Take Quiz 5, Homework 5. As with any other online community, the lack of physical interaction in an online classroom can create a false sense of anonymity and security.