Dilip Barad , [[ http: Wordsworth came to add a short Advertisement to it. This is similar to what Coleridge claims about the artificiality of aristocratic taste. Wordsworth believed that the city life made the masses dull and stagnant — it had reduced them to overworked machines who failed to appreciate the simple beauty of life. Their language was far from what people used in daily conversations and they spoke of extraordinary subjects. What followed next was a prevalence of instincts and emotions over rationalism and common sense. Through analogy with the living body and the dead body, Socrates in dialogue with Cebes forces his interlocutor to admit that the body-soul dualism admits to a qualitative difference between the two, and then Socrates begins to describe the separation of body and soul, such.

The Lyrical Ballads was first published in Slowly but gradually this state of mind disappears, and an emotion which is quite similar to the original is generated. Shulz To me, this shows that Wordsworth is more humbled by criticism rather than frustrated by it; while Coleridge remains arrogant believing that only his opinion is educated. Preface to Lyrical Ballad 1. In the words of Wordsworth he becomes a man speaking to men. Imagination integrates different elements to generate a new reality.

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Inevitably, perhaps, the above leads Wordsworth towards asking What is a Poet? The ordinary man, Wordsworth believes, is closer to nature; and therefore closer to human-nature. They turned away from the artificial urban life and found refuge in the country life and nature. The definition given by Wordsworth refers to this process of poetic composition emphasizing the roles played by memory and contemplation.

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The readers of this time were set in their ways, accepting elegant, aristocratic writing styles. This new trend of poetry, created by both Wordsworth and Coleridge in Lyrical Balladsled to many criticisms. The new philosophy of the rights of all men was expressed both in politics and literature. In course of such experimentation with forms, revival of form or creations of new forms, following tendencies were noticed: The view of the moralists is that the writer can and does influence the lives and characters of his readers; and therefore it should try to be a good influence.


He claims this was stated to Wordsworth, but believes it was not accurately represented in the Preface Shulz.

Or is it some more humble lay, Familiar matter of to-day? He attacks the hackneyed verbal conventions of eighteenth century poetry and opines that the conversational language should be used to compose poems.

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For Wordsworth and Coleridge this choice of subject matter necessarily involves a rethinking of the Language wkrdsworths poetry. The analysis of this definition gives us the sense that the function of poetry is to ennoble the reader. Hence, the neo-classicists believe that Imagination is a combining power, not a creative one. Since it was his idea, Coleridge was supposed to write the Preface; but, he never did; leaving Wordsworth to write it under a very harsh time crunch Shulz.

The reason that he gave was that the rustic people were close to nature and hence free from artificiality and vanity.

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Philosophy of William Wordsworth. Thus Wordsworth extends the scope of poetry, by bringing within its folds themes chosen from humble and common life.

essay on wordsworths preface to lyrical ballads

Views Read View source View history. Function of Poetry 1. No Nightingale did ever chaunt More welcome notes to weary bands Of travellers in some shady haunt, Among Arabian sands: Themes and Subject Matter of Poetry 1.


Retrieved September 12, from; http: Moreover, prominent features of the eighteenth century poetic diction where archaism, wordwworths for resounding words derived from Latin, a personification of inanimate objects and to avoid what were regarded as low, technical or common place terms by wordswortgs of substitute phrase that was dignity and decorum.

essay on wordsworths preface to lyrical ballads

He sees his poetry, in its concerns with the lives of men such as Michael, as an ro to the artificial portraits of Man presented in eighteenth-century poetry. Observation First comesobservation or perception of some object, character or incident which sets up powerful emotions in the mind of the poet. Definition of Poetry 1.

After the Lyrical Ballads was written, Coleridge wanted to write a Preface so that he c ould clarify his poetic style and eliminate many criticisms that were coming to light about their new writing.

essay on wordsworths preface to lyrical ballads

The term diction refers to the kinds of words, phrases and sentence structures, and sometimes figurative language that constitute any work of literature. Feelings started overflowing spontaneously as the poet listened to the song of the Highland girl: They asserted the dignity of individual spirit.

The poetic diction of the eighteenth century, sought to substitute the selection of the language really used by men. Coleridge disagrees with this completely.