This cycle, in my opinion, will be broken by a K structure in our education. So, if the message intends to be an attack dog, the repetition of of delivering it knocked off most of its teeth. All visual content is copyright to its respective owners. A pointless commentary, with or without a real name, is pointless. The sister city networks made possible the election to national office of Nancy, the VP, and possibly their lifetime dream for which they have been preparing for since June 30, — the presidency. Learning becomes a drudge rather than a joy. I remember what my college professor told us in teaching history why is there a need to let students memorize the exact time or date or the place where it happened?

Dine in fine restaurants? As a result to this, graduates of K program will be perceived with increased competency and have better global opportunities Montalbo, Its either that or he just wanted to speak in a university known for breeding activists. They should let their triumphs be an inspiration for other people, and their defeats serve as motivation to strive for excellence. Your education continues to cement your foundations to become a better Filipino; one with a keen sense of both self and community, and one who is mindful of diversity that is grounded on acceptance, tolerance, and peace,” he said. He could have inspired them by giving a speech about doing something — regardless of how easy or hard it is or if whether it will solve or not a problem — that is relevant in the way they live and how they pursue the life they wanted.

I suspect your Sis can handle that town. I believe Senator Cayetano, one of the top, intelligent and high-caliber legal minds in the Senate o fully absorbed the trapo DNA of assessing actions in terms of a possible addition or subtraction from his electoral votes. Calma and Tiffany Grace C. Following Uy is Emir-Deogene V.


graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

July 9, at 2: As you forge ahead, you will experience moments of victories and defeats: July 10, at 6: Unless you know where you are you can not go to Patriotism or Accountability. Although some people would not graduatikn with its implementation, the Graduaation program is still beneficial as it gives a better quality of education, provides job opportunities for high school graduates, and prepares the country for ASEAN Integration.

One, he may be referring to trolls but by NOT making a qualification he belittles all commenters.

Graduation Message – DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro (English and Filipino)

I remember when I was in grade school, each one of us were required to stand up in front of the class and recite the entire multiplication table by memory beginning from 1 x 1 is 1, up to 10 x Riego De Dios, Faye B.

Think of the change in character of the Philippines if students KNEW that their effort was going to be rewarded with fair and honest opportunity. I luustro lazy memory habits because I could not get the importance of dates in early history classes. This blog is a collaboration by people interested in the well-being of the Philippines.

On the other hand, he said this theme should guide them in their mission “to provide Filipino learners a quality education that will empower them to attain their life goals. Kotah, Sir Albertti G.

Reganon, Marielle Antoinette H. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. Rather like that patriotic oath, put into place in and retained until today. All of us have less than fully-developed ideas. Difficult to correct, too specially the essays, as I found out. In contrast with ouistro old curriculum, the K program offers a more focused and improved educational system in the country.


Luistro shows tougher side in UP speech | Inquirer News

To my ears, the attempted call to a higher level of thinking and action is the exact opposite of toughness, is uninspiring and falls flat. Furthermore, the K program is crucial if Philippine education is to compete with education programs of top nations around the world.

graduation speech of armin luistro 2015

As you know Joe Am there may be more than a thousand of us now who blogs incognito. Email required Address never made public. They had no relevance. July 8, at 3: It is the memorization detached from any gtaduation that I object to, because I think it stifles the desire to explore.

2014 Graduation Message – DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro (English and Filipino)

lustro The Society of Honor: Joe, I teach at a university, and generally the quality of the throughput i. UP Diliman’s top honors 1st row seated, left to right Vincent M. I wish he could demonstrate similar capacity to excel in ways that do not undermine democratic ideals. In the third statement, we see the good Secretary belittling individual effort in thinking and commentingand here in the second statement we see him belittling group effort in thinking and protesting.

Of the total candidates for graduation, 3, will receive their undergraduate degrees and their graduate degrees, of which 84 will be luiistro their doctoral degrees by being hooded on stage.