Students must also study one of the non-English languages taught at Middlebury; study abroad for at least one semester; complete at least one advanced level language course upon return from abroad; and take a level IGST senior seminar. Individual departments will specify which courses fulfill these requirements. The Chairs of the Chinese and Japanese Studies departments or their designees determine what constitutes native proficiency by evaluating students individually through interviews or tests. IGS majors may not double-count any course, including required language courses, towards their regional or thematic specialization. The declaration form indicates that the student intends to write a thesis, has found an adviser and a second reader, and has the minimum GPA in order to qualify to write an IGS thesis. The thesis must be written over at least two terms. Any appeal of a thesis grade, or the award of honors, shall be made to the director of the International and Global Studies program, who will either make the final decision or request an evaluation by another colleague.

Students who choose Modern Hebrew must be willing to pursue language study beyond Middlebury, if the Colleges Hebrew program is unable to offer a full range of advanced courses. Students who already have native proficiency in Chinese must fulfill the language requirements for Japanese. For , the Winter date is January 25, Site Editor Log On. See Courses and Requirements above. Instead, these majors must take one additional regional or global course in their senior year. Students wishing to minor in the department that teaches the IGS language of their focus should discuss their minor with the IGS director.

Since GSFS is an interdisciplinary program, the track reflects an interdisciplinary approach to questions of gender and sexuality. South Asian Studies majors or students who major in the thematic track but would like to study in India do not take an upper-level language course, but rather, one additional regional or global course. Individual language departments determine what level of study constitutes proficiency, and students are expected to do advanced work in their target language.


igs thesis middlebury

Students with regional specialization are required to take three global courses from the Global list ; only one can be at the level. Advanced Placement credit will not count toward the major. Except for students who study abroad an entire year see belowthese courses must be taken igw the Middlebury College campus. Be sure to confirm all dates with your primary adviser. A major must specialize in one of the following nine tracks: Language Study for Latin American Studies: The French Department will specify which courses fulfill the French requirement.

At least three regional courses must be taken at Middlebury.

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The prospectus and bibliography are due no later than 3 p. If French is the language of emphasis, students must study an appropriate indigenous African language to a level of reasonable competence while abroad.

Students must become proficient in one of the languages that Middlebury College teaches. These courses include all language courses, all regional courses, all global courses, all thematic courses, all courses taken abroad, and all courses with an IGST designation.

To receive departmental honors, students must write a thesis. Global Security Studies Security concerns are generated by a constellation of economic, political, historical, and environmental forces and are experienced at different scales—from the local to the global, and from the individual to the state. IGSTfive regional or thematic courses, three global courses for the regional tracks from the Middleubry list or three regional courses for the thematic tracks from the Regional list.

These include all language courses, all regional courses, all global courses, all courses taken abroad, and all courses with an IGST designation. Study abroad must be midelebury the language of study at Middlebury. Students who place into Portuguese or above must take at least two semesters of Spanish and above to fulfill the language requirement.

Please note that some methodology courses themselves have prerequisites. By the end of week 6, the student should find a thesis adviser and a second reader.


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The only exception to this language requirement is South Asian Studies majors or students who major in a thematic track but study abroad in India: Site Editor Log On. At least three thematic courses must be taken at Middlebury. By drawing on courses from various departments, this track exposes students to security issues along three dimensions: Thesis defense should take place during the last week of winter term for March middelbury.

Eligibility Students are eligible to write a senior honors thesis if they have a 3.

igs thesis middlebury

However, IGS majors are strongly encouraged to minor in any department or program that offers a minor and can accommodate them, so long as they do not double-count any course. Students must study abroad for at least one semester and preferably two on a Middlebury-approved study abroad program in their region of focus. midddlebury

igs thesis middlebury

With the preapproval of the IGS director, a student may take a thematic global seminar in a department. For East Asian Studies majors, at least three of the regional courses should be exclusively or primarily on the country that is the focus of language study, and at least one should be on East Asia as a region or the East Asian country that is not the focus of language study.

Students should be aware that many advisers require a methodology course before registering for IGST X. Oral Defense Shortly after the submission of the thesis, and by May 17, for the spring term, an oral defense will be scheduled with the two readers.

It is therefore important for students to meet with their track directors as early in their career as possible in order to discuss their interest in writing a thesis.