What people, organizational, and technological factors contributed to the problem? Each node is numbered and shows the task, its duration, the starting date, and the completion date. JetBlue also sold smaller numbers of seats on the flights that did take off that day. A Dovetail consultant created a working QuickBase prototype with some basic functions for the Girl Scouts within a few hours. The square box represents an external entity, which is an originator or receiver of information located outside the boundaries of the system being modeled.

A written systems proposal report describes the costs and benefits, and advantages and disadvantages of each alternative solution. To determine whether an information system project is a good investment, one must calculate its costs and benefits. This delay provoked a deluge of customer dissatisfaction, a rarity for WestJet. Each information systems project carries its own set of risks and benefits. This project requires you to perform a systems analysis and then design a system solution using database software.

Name and describe the three stages of testing for an information system. In addition to Microsoft Access software, the Girl Scouts would have to purchase a server to run the system plus pay for networking and Web site vase services so the system could be made available on the Web. Saving resources—bandwidth, screen space, memory, processing, data entry, and user gestures—is a top priority. Contact your instructor to access these videos. What value does this Web site provide the firm?

JetBlue had the advantage of seeing WestJet begin its implementation months before, so it to able to avoid many of the pitfalls that WestJet endured.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study questions

More than external clients are able to access information directly on their own to plan, track, analyze, and bud- get their travel expenses and benchmark them against similar companies, saving millions of dollars Information Builders, The business must also deal with the organizational changes that the new solution will bring about—new information, new business processes, and perhaps new reporting relationships and decision-making power.


Each carrier had started jrtblue using a system designed for smaller start-up airlines, and both needed more processing power to deal with a far greater volume of customers. If maximum enrollment has been reached, the course number is flagged as closed.


The Internet and low-cost com- munications technology have drastically reduced the expense and difficulty of coordinating the work of global teams in studh locations. How do both roles differ when the solution is developed using prototyping or end-user develop- ment? As globalization proceeds, companies will be building many more new systems that are global in scale, spanning many different units in many different countries.

To manage the transition from the old manual cookie-ordering processes to the new system, the Girl Scouts would have to inform troop leaders and volunteers about changes in cookie-ordering procedures, provide training, and provide resources for answering any questions that arose as parents and volunteers started using the system.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study questions

How did the project team make sure users were involved? QuickBase offers templates for generating simple database applications. The systems development team works with users ejtblue devise a systematic test plan. In recent years, the airline industry has seen several low-cost, high-efficiency carriers rise to prominence using a recipe of extremely competitive fares and outstanding prohects service. How does Scrum differ from other software development methodologies?

Other recent enhancements include capabilities for paying for orders more rapidly, entering troop information and initial orders without waiting for a specified starting date, and receiving queations confirmation for reservations to pick up orders from the Cookie Cupboard. These differences create a user-designer communications gap.

Hundreds of thousands of bookings for future flights that were made before the changeover were. Building Information Systems and Managing Projects opportunities to control the outcome.


lf The average time to create an app on this platform is 6 days, which includes editing images and other tasks. Global information systems projects should involve local units in the creation of the design without giving up control of the project to parochial interests. WestJet had not anticipated the transfer time required to move the files and failed to reduce its passenger loads on flights operating immediately after the changeover.

As the projecta grew, they needed more processing power to deal with increasing numbers of customers. ByWestJet held nearly 40 percent of the Canadian airline market, with Air Canada dropping to 55 percent. For example, Red Foundry lets owners use its templates to build and test an iOS app qurstions free. This encourages freezing of specifications relatively early in the development process. Because objects are reusable, object-oriented development could potentially reduce the time and cost of writing software if organizations reuse software objects that have already been created as building blocks for other applications.

That step happens later. DST also adopted CollabNet’s Subversion product to help with the manage- ment and control of changes to project documents, programs, and other quetsions stored as computer files.

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects – Assignment Example

Next, inventory can also help control risk. Successful implementation requires a high level of user involvement in a project and management support. These three requirements drove the technology selection process.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study questions