Hey lady, it is not a court of law, a kangaroo court, it is a discovery panel. The MILF obviously cannot claim control of the areas they operate in. The group also appealed to the public to be cautious in blaming the MILF for the incident. Actually most of the MILF combat commands have been supportive of the peace process. February 18, at The US was involved in the intelligence operations and medical evacuations. Perhaps, peace will not descend and reign on earth until I — and each of us individually — attain peace within ourselves.

Many Filipinos asked me why I hate U. The prior incidents involving the Marwan hunt should be a part of this inquiry. Before this trip our claim to being Ilocanos only took us on annual school breaks which brought us as far as Vigan. Different experts in different locations are developing the necessary components. Well, time too leave Philippines? What they DO want is someone to make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It takes one name calling to spoil a really good and intelligent conversation.

Escudero questioned the CHR if the human rights body does not cover the human rights of military and police personnel. President Aquino by authorizing the plan, PNP and AFP officers who engaged militarily in a well-intended mission to rid to the planet of two really nasty fellows, and for sure the Moro rebels who shot and shot and shot. Retrieved February 14, And there are many others competing for the job, who may just be able to communicate better — or may just be better at shouting the others down.


Mamasapano clash

Retrieved January 29, It is better to change the attitudes of the nation about what democracy means rather than keep up the endlessly destructive cycles in search of perfection, where perfection is someone who looks and thinks exactly like us.

February 20, at Marwan and Usman are not common criminals. On hindsight, this seems to be the biggest mistake edsay PInoy. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions.

February 18, at 7: Your last statement speaks volumes of what kind of society we have. I read his book on the Philippine Army in the Commonwealth period.

Or, a selfie twinkle from smartphones flash documenting the last gasp of life? This should not happen. On the mamasapaon one pretends to have institutions, underneath it is just groups trying to survive or get a larger share of the spoils and nothing more.

Lessons from Mamasapano

Most people know how to be professional. Hence the seemingly hectic timetable he was pursuing. The latest posting maybe tomorrow. February 18, at 5: Is it not true: That has some legitimacy.

mamasapano massacre essay

He for sure helped define the context of the mission — mistrust and resentment — as it went from well-intended to tragic. Black propaganda was smeared for his accessory to the failure of the operation. Just s-a-n-i-t-y and r-e-a-s-o-n.


Lessons from Mamasapano | Inquirer Opinion

There is a long string of outstanding warrants for their arrest. The President went directly to Purisima and kept it simple and secure.

But born in Manila and grown there too.

The incident sparked the internal displacement of several hundred families amidst fears of continued clashes. And if I do so, it will — admittedly — be a separate peace. I killed the According to him it is well know that the IS operational leadership is of the internet generation, understanding the power of dispersed resources, unlimited connectivity, videogame gimmicks and essxy and Zulkifli was vital to them.

mamasapano massacre essay

More lunatics and not on the fringe. Ramos has claimed the accomplishment of driving the BIFF exsay the edge of the cliff and into the sea. Under that same doctrine, a commander is responsible for what his unit does or fails to do.