Singh , Jagabandhu and Prusty, Rajesh Kumar Studies on tribological behaviour and dielectric properties of bio-fiber reinforced composites. Kanchan, Manu and Bansal, Ankur Conceptual design to transfer handicapped or old people from one platform to another. Marandi, Amit Kumar Scalability planning for reconfigurable manufacturing system using simulated annealing. N, Arumuga Subhashini Modelling traffic flow on interchange. Pandey, Ashitosh Laser welding of dissimilar material. Sahoo, A G A decision support framework towards benchmarking of enterprise supply chain agility:

Mehta, Gaurav and Patra, Hrushikesh Effect of size, temperature and strain rate on deformation behavior of nickel nanowires: Mandal, Arnab Frequency domain system identification and it’s application in jamming. Nayak, Paresh Ranjan Electronic chip cooling in vertical configuration using fluent gambit. Annavajhala, Mrudula Energy integration in sponge iron plant using heat of waste gas. Biswal, Manoj Design of support system for bord and pillar workings.

Empirical Evidence from the Indian Stock Market. Garg, Sushil Development of a self balanced robot and its controller. Tripathy, Anshuman Machine loading in a flexible manufacturing system.

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Varadrajan, Namitha A comparative study of microstructural and magnetic properties of lsmo: DasSwagatika Preparation of magnesium aluminate spinel by auto combustion route using glycine as fuel and densification study with Cr2O3 addition. Singh, Ankit Transverse vibrational Analysis of simply supported beam. Ansari, Mazhar Husain Simulation of effects of various parameters in solid waste gasification in a fixed bed reactor. Mishra, Vivek Physical, mechanical and abrasive wear behaviour of jute fiber reinforced polymer composites.


GundaSuman and B. Oram, Shikha Ergonomic wheelchair design.

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Mishra, Suraj and KarankiDinesh Heading control of an underwater vehicle. Mallik, Rahul Kumar Synthesis and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite with different morphology. RathUpananda Structural behaviour of interlocking concrete block pavement. Srivastava, Shivam and Saraogi, Mayur Electronic chip cooling in horizontal configuration using fluent-gambit.

Kumar, T Automatic text summarization. Sahu, Saurav Kumar Design of waste heat recovery system in a sponge iron plant.

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SethiSandeep CFD analysis of single phase flows inside vertically and horizontally oriented helically coiled tubes. Algorithm to Architecture Mapping and Implementation. Srivastava, Devesh nktrkl Pande y, Alok Study of boundary layer parameters on rough surfaces. Bhanja, Aditya Design of Instrumented Gripper. Meher, Janhabi Rainfall and runoff estimation using hydrological models and Ann techniques. Sarma, Sushanta Parametric optimization of turning operation on stainless steel using a carbide tool.

nitrkl phd thesis

Saha, Goutam Chandra Financial analysis of mining projects. Bochalya, Rameshwar kumar Analysis of synthesis gas produced from biomass gasification.


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PatraPratik Development of methology for seismic hitrkl of concrete gravity dam. Samal, Soubhagya Ranjan Effective thermal conductivity of epoxy matrix composites filles with coconut coir dust. Kalyan, Kumar Prabhu High heeled gait analysis of ankle joint forces using force platform.

Mohanta, Jagadish Chandra Navigational control of multiple mobile robots in various environments.

Sudhakar, Bhukya Fabrication of polymer derived silica bonded alumina ceramics. Gaurav, Anubhav Extraction of pd coal seams. Lighting System in Mines. GoudaAshis Ranjan Image processing based analysis of transformer oil. SorenSangita Deciphering molecular mechanism of amyloid inhibition through docking studies between amyloid beta peptide and selected small molecules. Mishra, Abhilash and Mishra, Pinaki Design of temperature controllers using labview.

Swain, S Stress analysis of high speed turbomachine.