Your parents will never know. Hyperviolet Traced in a wet sand her name in perfect cursive. Tickets To The Car Crash My bionic sister teaches me inhumanity. Her heels and elbows scraped and bloodied.

Hyperviolet Traced in a wet sand her name in perfect cursive. Here is a boy with paper skin who longs to touch the girl of broken glass. These pills I take in the witching hour. General Comment obsession with the scottish? Led away in shame. She stumbles through my veins high on ash and dry semen fiending for love.

Sheet Metal Girl Evacuating Heaven Certain things fascinate me. It’s possible that his learning that it is okay for boys to wear dresses on the last day of school implies that on the last day of school, he was sexually abused due to his wearing of a dress. I learned that boys in dresses are ok on the last day of school. Trojan Whore Half in darkness she stands in a dress of shrapnel, homeworrk and torn flags.

I fell something pressing against my kidneys. Their bodies convulsed and flailed with an almost seizure like intensity. We do not have any tags for scatology homework lyrics.


pig destroyer scatology homework lyrics

She heard the sound of a rickety-wooden roller-coaster in the distance. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. First I went blind and then the sun went out. This could be where desyroyer name “scatology” homework comes from. It is scatology homework.

Pig Destroyer – scatology homework Lyrics | SongMeanings

He could walk away from the final day of school seeing a rainbow across the sky and as it seems like a halo, it’s a fucking joke that the world could possibly be seen as a place of angels.

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pig destroyer scatology homework lyrics

They are irrelevant as mercenaries in times of peace. Her index fingers drip mothers milk like hypodermic needles.

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They heckle the gun-shy assassin. Learn to feel all over again. Led away in shame. Mapplethorpe Grey Androgynous we are. Paid for by the people that supply the lash for these pointless acts of self-flaggellation.

Scatology Homework Lyrics

Pig Destroyer — scatology homework. Strangled With A Halo 8. The other girl slowly sat up and began sliding her fingers into Jennifer. My Interpretation “They heckle the gun-shy assassin. There was an error. Snuff Film At Eleven Homewor, imagine I am swallowing you. Heart and Crossbones Stitched together into this beautiful monster animated by starlight. Jennifer Jennifer wrestled her friend playfully to the ground in front of the snow cone stand and began licking at the girls eyeballs, as if they were sugar cubes.


General Comment its scotology homework Postcards from a paradise in flames. The chameleon is my favorite animal. Add your thoughts 9 Comments. Thanks to tornfetus for sending these lyrics.