From origin, 3, 5. Which statement is always true for any given whole number n? Extended Response The length of a rectangle is 12 inches greater than the width. Do you have enough money left to buy 1 hot dog, 1 slice of pizza, and 2 glasses of juice? The sum of 5x and 8x is less than the sum of 4x and Worked Out Example For use with pages — Streets A city map shows streets as lines on a coordinate grid. Time minutes 4 5 6 7 8 9 Gallons released 12 15 18 21 24 27 The answer is correct.

The kicker made 20 field goals. Write an expression for the total cost if you print p photos. Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities. Write and solve an inequality that gives the possible numbers b of balloons you can buy. The absolute deviation of x from 2 is 8. What was the weekly cost of food for a family of four in ?

problem solving workshop mixed problem solving 3.1-3.4 answers

Use the given map distance to find the actual distance. Which expression represents the total number of stamps you have now? Draw a line through the points. Write equations of the horizontal and the vertical lines that pass through the given point.

problem solving workshop mixed problem solving 3.1-3.4 answers

The first car travels at a rate of 50 miles per hour and reaches its destination in t hours. How many total points does the team want to score next year? What function gives your profit?



What percent of 80 is 12? Write an equation representing the sale price S of a book where p represents the original price. Write an equation that gives the total cost of a membership C as a function of the length of membership m in months. What is the temperature in degrees Celsius? Write an absolute value equation that represents the minimum and maximum prices of the shampoo.

The product of 21 and ahswers is less than 5. Shasta County Office answwers Education, June The quotient of a number b and 7 is more than In Exercises 3 and 4, state the formula that is needed to solve the problem.

Department of Transportation determines the sizes of the traffic control signs that you see along the roadways. Find the total cost if you take your dog to the kennel for 5 days. At least how many points must she earn for delivery to have a higher score than students A, B, and C? The player with the lowest score wins. If not, write it in simplest form. Mized whether the statement is always, sometimes, or never true for any positive number x.

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The first exercise is done for you. For some people this would be cheaper than paying the tax rate listed above. Then solve the inequality and ansers your solution.


Name the cross products of the proportion. Input Output 3 5 problsm. You do not need to solve the problem. Which equation represents direct variation?

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The store is having a sale: There are currently 16 people going to the night mixee. Use the verbal model to write an equation that you can use to find the number of nickels and quarters in your piggy bank. A B 5 Gridded Response A scale drawing of the basketball court has a scale 1 in. Measure the width of the window in inches and add a half-inch 0.

Decrease by Extended Response The table shows the federal outlays for agriculture in billions of dollars from through