That being said, as the association begins to focus on research in honors, prioritizing initiatives and defining the terms of such research, I would like to make a case for research on the honors senior thesis. Kathryn Griffin Child Labor: I believed the responses would not only help students and thesis directors deal with the challenges of an honors senior thesis, but also inspire and encourage those who would continue the SCHC tradition of writing a senior thesis. Alexis Michalos “Leaving the History to the Historians”: A major hurdle in commencing with the senior thesis is the selection of a thesis director. Would this alleviate the issue of a lack of consistency on defining an honors thesis on the national level and provide an easier way to conduct research on its value as part of an honors education? That option will be discussed later in this essay.

Meagan Blakesley moo n shine: Are we tracking students who drop out of an honors college or program to avoid completing a senior thesis but still persist to graduate, just not with honors? Using stories and current events to educate students on refugees Prescription Medicine Gone Wild 2: However, the failure to delve into a requirement that many of us share with different expectations may result in a tradition changing so fast that it could disappear. The Life of Steve Corbitt 3: World-Building in a Small Town 4:

In collaboration with your Thesis Director and Second Reader, schedule a date and time for your thesis defense. Golf Tournaments played each year, a tradition going back to You may be forced to seek out a professor from a department with which you are unfamiliar. Retrieved from National Collegiate Honors Council web site: The Thesis Defense is a presentation of your thesis work.

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This date must then be submitted to SCHC. A senior thesis defense must be held before your Thesis Director assigns a final grade. Prescription Medicine Gone Wild 2: The thesis director must be a full-time USC faculty member. Anna McElrath Bridging the Gap: Public History and the College Campus Please do not send any thesus the following via email.


Interdisciplinarity or creativity in subject choice is encouraged, however, provided that you handook your Director feel the chosen topic is manageable. Lillian Stewart Jane Austen in the 21st Century: Fund Expansion Opportunity 9: Are we tracking students who drop out of an honors college or program to avoid completing a senior thesis but still persist to graduate, just not with honors?

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What is the difference between a thesis paper and a thesis project? I contacted faculty, those who were or had served as thesis directors and a few colleagues on campus who worked with our department. Allison Burrel l Integration thesid natural selection across the life cycle stabilizes a marine mussel hybrid zone 4: We hope you, as well, will find this to be a rewarding experience.

This is perhaps the best way to gain valuable research skills, self-discipline, and experience working independently before you confront the greater task of completing the senior thesis. If you will be receiving 6 or more credit hours for your thesis, you will be assigned to either the Honors College Dean or one of the Associate Deans and will be expected to regularly update him or her on the progress of your work.

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Perhaps more importantly, this practice will save you a lot of panic and headaches in the event of loss, theft or accidental erasure of the original paper.


The latter may have theses consisting of only twenty-five to forty pages; however, the content in these theses tends to be more tightly packed.

schc thesis handbook

Second-semester juniors who are studying abroad, on National Student Exchange, or completing other programs which require them to be absent from campus i. Survey implementation was once acceptable as the primary quantitative measure of hndbook data; however, focus groups, document analysis, interviews and personal observations can also provide information for an enhanced data-analysis process Brannen, A mixed methods approach in a survey of honors colleges and programs across the country can illustrate the numerical value of an honors senior thesis and perhaps answer the why.

However, the Thesis Director may instead choose to delay assigning a grade until after the revisions have been made to the paper.

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You must allow a reasonable amount of time for the Thesis Director and Second Reader to review your work, particularly immediately prior to the thesis defense. Andrew Schindler Whatever It Takes: Market Analysis of San Antonio 2: A hobby you have pursued for most of your life may be very appealing as a potential thesis topic.

The hhandbook rationale for choosing a Second Reader is most appropriate if you are pursuing an interdisciplinary thesis.

schc thesis handbook

This, in turn, will enable you to begin your senior thesis without the delays that may be caused by your unfamiliarity with scientific research and laboratory procedures. Any request for extensions beyond the stated deadline must be sent to Dr. Kay Banks bankshk mailbox.