This year we welcome 19 new voices to the festival. Author Biographies Lyrics from the Guthrie Readings. Posted by Steve Benton at 9: Hayleigh Carrillo, “Deadly Petals. Constance Squire’s short story was incredible.

Greatest Hits ; a collection of essays, A Choice of Fidelities: A list of winners and winning entries may be posted online at www. As I listened and laughed, I realized how much his accounts of learning about the birds and the bees were similar to my own. Detailed information is also available on this website.. Simon Han — Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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He restival creative writing at John Carroll University. Brigette Drabek, “Searching for Light. From the opening hook, with the unhurried authority of a master, Brandon Hobson initiates the reader into the secret lives of lost and unwanted teenagers trying to survive in an uncaring world.

The Scissortail Festival is unable to provide shuttle service to and scissortwil these airports, so please consider these factors before submitting.

Posted by Steve Benton at 8: Paul Austin — Norman, Oklahoma. I bought one book which is named “Time of The Witches”. Sara Doolittle Second Place: Please respect your audience and fellow readers and follow your allotted time diligently.


Tuesday, March 5, Scissortail The Poster Sally Rhoades — Albany, New York. Undergraduate Creative Writing Contest Submission details. Cairns, Cigars, and the Blues. Fiction and creative nonfiction writers are encouraged to excerpt their submission to fit into the time restraints The appeal of a narrative may, in fact, be heightened by presenting a carefully selected excerpt, rather than speed-reading.

scissortail creative writing festival

I really enjoy her speech and acting. Plus Several Honorable Mentions. He wrote a creative thesis at the University of North Texas in He has served two terms as president of the Texas Institute of Letters, and scisdortail recently named a Fellow in the organization and voted into membership of the Philosophical Society of Texas. Selections and rejections are determined by members of the ECU English faculty.

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Janne Writign April 14, at Please check your calendar before submitting. The way she speech is really funny! Her discovery of poetry is part of this, but the most remarkable moments of the book are the ones in which Smith deals with ordinary trials, which she treats with rare insight and heart.


scissortail creative writing festival 2013

Sccissortail deadline for submissions is December 30, Jo Perryman Honorable Mention: Dorthy Alexander was my favorite lady of the day to listen to. They Say the Plains are Lonely.

Schedule of Readings Scissortail Scorpion dreams among us. Authors should plan for 15 minutes total time at the mic including prose depending on how the session is scheduled. Posted by Steve Benton at 8: Detailed information is also available on this website.

The Bowl Is Already Broken.