If you ever keep a journal, fantastic! Singapore’s fourth university received 3, applications this year, an The admission process is not as simple as checking your grades and see if they meet the minimum mark. In AY the inaugural batch , SUTD accepted students [1], an artificially high number due to the fact that the cohort comprised of students who were willing to take a gap year. Finally I am able to fulfill my promise to post about my third interview with Ecquaria! Well, after this third interview, I fell sick a few days after. As a result, more events come along the way and I feel more compelled to write about the more recent ones.

What was I talking about?!?! Woong Wen Tat 14 March at There is no hard science to determine why readers can tell if a piece of writing is genuine. Learn how to choose a course based on the 3Ps framework. Well, after this third interview, I fell sick a few days after. But if your takeaway is only those beautiful pictures, you will be better off not to talk about your outer space journey. Previously, its intakes had ranged from to , raising questions about whether it was being too selective.

Anyway, let us not waste another moment aka procrastinate and get to the main story. One takeaway from this event is that procrastination is bad. Been having exams lately: Sufd good applicant is a good story teller.

Other than language, the content of my answers are also far from satisfactory, which is as follows: The admissions process includes, amongst other requirements, a word free form essay, as well as an invitation to submit your portfolio, whatever form it may take to give you an idea applictaion “whatever” means, the online application includes fields such as “Youtube Video Links”, as I last remember it.


The first method is to set aside 15 min everyday, doing nothing but reflect on your past.

sutd application essay

But if your takeaway is only those beautiful pictures, you will be better off not to talk about your outer space journey. Receive regular FREE advice from your seniors. Most of its attention would be spent on reading arguably the most interesting part: Suyd this above is a precursor to school as well – coursework is rigorous and tests you every step of the way.

This is something you will not find elsewhere in such a developed form as in SUTD.

SUTD taking in record 467 students

Not just paper pushers: If you need to talk to me, message me. It’s also interesting to note that that isn’t a problem for some students. Also, be prepared to talk in detail about your application. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs.

An essay is not your autobiography suts you recount the happenings in your life. Not surprisingly, this is a significant cause of the dropouts mentioned earlier.

sutd application essay

The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. Newer Post Older Post Home. Always tell a story to support your claim. Hence keep your essay short and sweet, perhaps within words.


First interview: SUTD

Regardless of eventual pillar choice, freshmen we call ourselves “Freshmores”, a esssay of freshman and sophomore are required to take courses in linear algebra, Python programming and state machines, thermodynamics, linear optimisation, product design, general chemistry and biology this list is not exhaustive. Digital Senior guesses that your first obstacle, and probably the biggest of all, is actually to think about a topic to write on.

Hi, thanks for the A2A. I rambled a little here and there, but I hope they get what I am trying to say. About 40 per cent of its intake this year are females. I have been dreaming to study abroad for so long, but I was longing more for countries across oceans, not just across the Causeway.

This means that in statistical terms, SUTD ranks averagely in terms of admissions rate. The third method is to look at objects or materials that are relevant zpplication you. Yes, just ignore all of them. Skip to main content. Some new undergraduates said they were attracted by its broad- based approach, which requires students of all disciplines to take common subjects such as physics and humanities.

sutd application essay

As such, you have quite a fair bit of latitude to express your individuality and passion. So, what do you think of these questions?