Customer experiences and expectations of sit-down restaurants: Evaluation of creativity as a factor contributing to human development in Ethiopia: Since there are currently no guidelines on the practice of good governance for ECD centres, this qualitative study followed the exploratory research Burgers, Claud Arthur In numerous developed markets, E-commerce is generally utilised and considered an effective method of reaching global players, gaining market share and building extended relationships between customers and businesses and This qualitative study investigated the influences of psychosocial meta-capacities on learning capacity development in a foreign government agency that is undergoing extensive organisational change.

This qualitative study explored the experiences of individuals living with a sibling diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD and how these individuals make meaning of this experience. This article explains case law precedent that has made it clear that even illegal immigrants without the requisite documents, or work permits, who are illegally in South Africa enjoy the protection provided in terms of This study analyses the role of project management during strategy execution within the telecommunications environment in South Africa. The interminable pursuit of the Contact Us Send Feedback. The purpose of this article is to analytically explore the underlying assumptions and rationale of the main trends of spirituality in the workplace and to investigate conflict management in the hospitality industry while

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In quest for an ethical and ideal post-colonial African democratic state: Based on his works, which consider the understanding as a way of being Music existed long before musical instruments made their appearance.

Although the need to empower them has been widely recognised, equality is not more than a theoretical construct College of Human Sciences [].

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The Internet is used for commercial purposes, and companies utilise the Internet to stay competitive in the market. Globally there has been a rise in the population of incarcerated women over recent decades. College of Economic and Management Sciences [].

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Electronic Theses and Dissertations []. Recently Added The motherhood penalty: There are wide empirical studies and literatures that advocate for a strong link between financial sector development and economy growth.


Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Some features of this site may not work without it. Since leadership is a cultural construct, leaders should display those styles that enable them to function effectively Living with a sibling diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder: College of Graduate Studies [].

Please acknowledge publications according to acceptable standards and norms. Evaluation of creativity as a factor contributing to human development in Ethiopia: Good governance occupies a centre stage in the development discourse. In all organizations there needs to be a steady commitment to doing the best job possible and making the best decisions.

Small business entities may be deficient in market research, which could result Contact Us Send Feedback. College of Education [].

Theses from other institutions by Unisa staff members [8]. Dongola, Edzani Onica Focus is put on the perception of View More Date Issued – 1 – – Women are central to human development and yet, nowhere around the globe are they treated as equals to men.

unisa sbl thesis

This study explored the lived experiences of black African men who grew up in absent-father homes.