And what aspects of African life survived? The “Romantic Spirit” is one of reaction and rebellion, political liberalism and environmentalism, imagination and emotion. This course will focus not only on the question of what it means to be authentic but also on whether the ultimate aim of being authentic involves a focus on the self or on others. This course seeks to examine those very questions and deepen students’ understanding of the elements of intervention. Watch on the web at http: His program of study will focus on industry, politics, culture, and change in contemporary Wales.

Also, course descriptions for Fall 14 are now available on our website. The challenge was and is balancing between its own originality and the adaptation of outside influences, and ambitions. Similarly, the ways of studying and contextualizing these trajectories have shifted over the last couple decades, specifically within the fields of anthropology and history. Students will explore what is fact, what is feasible and what is pure fiction and will have the opportunity to express their learning via a class project which may have a scientific or artistic emphasis. Great Chinese Courses for the Fall 1.

In this class we will explore “composition” from two different directions: It will include information drawn from paleopathology, forensics, the archaeological record, epidemiology, and medical anthropology to guide students through an understanding of thesiz forces that have- and still do — contribute to global plagues and our human responses.

In recent years, Chinese films have won numerous awards in international film festivals.

This course starts with an overall introduction to history, language, political structure, socio-economical frameworks, and geological features, and then moves onto various cultural aspects. Participation is free and open to all. What is it like to design a new “app”? We will have several projects that will be the basis of our design thinking, with the projects involving potential community partners. It was designed by an interdisciplinary team — from physicist to philosopher — to expose students, regardless of major, to the methods, practice, and culture of scientific research.


Class will be taught in the College of Public Health. The professor for the course is Australian Are you looking for a life-changing skill theeis enhances your ability to collaborate, adapt to unfamiliar situations, and communicate spontaneously and well?

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This course focuses on health-related research involving flawed experimental designs, experimenter bias, financial conflicts of interest and data manipulation that has led to misinformation involving health-related recommendations. The second part of the course will consist of analysis and discussions of the various political views expressed within the Israeli democratic system concerning the Palestinian – Honoes conflict.

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There will also be an end-of-semester project presentation. Learning to perform without a script not only develops your ability to think on your feet, it awakens your natural creativity.

Has it ever been otherwise? The answer, as the story reveals, is not a simple one, particularly given Mr. It is a meta-narrative on what that means for society “we’re in a crisis”. Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My: How has our future been imagined in literature and film?

The combination of biological, psychological and social determinants, and their contributions to behavior and health, is examined from critical analysis and evidence-based problem solving approaches.


However, research indicates there are habits of mind associated with innovation and creativity, habits that everyone can work to develop and refine.

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Honos Presidential Election raised many important issues related to what it means to be authentic and truthful. I had a terrific experience and hope that next year there is “another op’ning, another show”. It is a set of normative goals about what we should to respond take action, together. In other words, the course will involve innovation, creativity, and serious play! Thus, a complete understanding of psychological phenomena is impossible without addressing questions concerning how memories are acquired, how memories are represented, and how memories are retrieved.

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Furthermore, topics to be covered include but are not limited to: Please check the ONS tesis and speak with Dr. Innovative thinking is often thought of as an inborn and unchangeable trait. This course will examine texts and films that interrogate the global human condition through the representation of possible futures.

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Students will be primarily responsible to leading discussions with minimal formal lecturing. For more information regarding the Udall Scholarship, please visit: This will be a FreshPeople 5 Event.

During this seminar, the students learn how to: Students with a tech background but also have backgrounds in art, web design, and programming will thrive in this environment.