Horses, camels and water buffalo were likely all domesticated. We had to invent CIDR to get there, years later. If so, can’t we just make it unsigned and buy ourselves another 70 years or so? HankB99 on Mar 21, The Ubuntu craze is sweeping SciencBlogs: This 6-page cheat sheet from Linux Training Academy is yours, free! That allows old binaries to run unchanged, as long as you retire them before

Is it hard real-time? You are operating under the assumption the extra 4 bytes was an insignificant cost. On bit systems, that second count is a signed bit integer. I came across this issue a year back and after a lot of research I posted an article on CodeProject on this topic. Unlike with Y2k where there was nothing but incentives to keep using Windows and DOS systems where the cut-over was problematic. Time to Panic About Y2K38?

Time to Panic About Y2K38?

I have never compiled a package from source. So probably the people in this thread planning their retirement solving this will have to figure out which random unix timestamp number is treated as pre and which one is after. I can believe seafaring, astronomy, and metallurgy. But I papdr the many flaws in our biological anatomy do not necessarily justify a particular counting system anyway.

The Year 2038 Bug – Y2K38 Problem – Many of your applications will crash

Sean on Mar 22, They use software developed by “real” programmers, who don’t tie their code to the limitations of the system clock. No — what matters is the quality of content, not the time spent viewing it. But websites don’t render so well in the win98 version of IE. In business, if two people always agree, one of them is unnecessary. Even today, I still work full time as a professional programmer using.


research paper on y2k38

There was no carefully considered trade-off made between storage space and brokenness in 70 years time. We rely on microcontroller vendor’s libraries for low-level hardware abstraction HALbut other than that the code is ours. The Long Now Foundation uses five-digit dates like in their work. That doesn’t mean every user has to compile their own system. He should be fired and replaced by a competent one. In a bit integer nonetheless. Other systems still perhaps most commonly are using double floats for seconds.

We keep running into finite limits which is what keeps causing problems such as Y2K, Y2K38, the beginning of Unix time – maybe if we treated the beginning and end of time as infinity some new method of reasoning about dates would become more apparent. None of these things was done or thought about much back then.

I came across this issue a year back and after a lot of research I posted an article on CodeProject on this topic. Yes, technology is subject resdarch the Lindy Effect.

Why not just use int32 for nanoseconds then?

y2k38 research paper

It is billion, from units: But Reseaech wasn’t written to be a mainframe OS. As you’ve highlighted, wasting memory like that is a costly proposition, and it would’ve been an easy black mark when compared against a competing system that “uses less memory”.

Maybe they thought that by the time it was going to be an issue somebody else would’ve replaced it?


Countdown to Y2K38 | ScienceBlogs

Are you accepting Reseaarch rounds? Some legacy applications might be “minimally affected by this,” Dean told LinuxInsider, “but I think the fact that those people have uneditable, unsupported legacy applications that are critical to their operating is MUCH more of an issue than the date being off. That’s was a toughie, eh? And I think it would be easier for them, honestly, it is so much easier to do any arithmetic in your head if we think that way.

Prefer packages but ports is useful for custom builds and desktop systems.

y2k38 research paper

Macworld dominated the headlines last week, so it’s likely many unsuspecting readers were in too comfortable a state researhc Mac nirvana to realize what was happening in the rest of the world. The latter arguments mostly consist of things like “Well, we don’t know if we spent too much money on Y2K, but as a result, you got a shiny new computer, so that’s good, right?

IBMer, but not a mainframe person. IMO Common Lisp is the only programming languages that handles time correctly out of the box, and aside from Scheme http: I pretty much doubt that I will be in trouble in or any other of pqper current CP users