I am on the alternate list; can I send in additional information to help improve my chances of being accepted? The University of Utah School of Medicine practices Holistic Review, meaning we take into account other measures when evaluating applicants. Experiences planned in the future cannot be listed. How long do I have to complete the secondary materials? Other times, the UUSOM helps set up a rotation with Idaho physicians who have proven to be excellent clinicians and teachers in the past. Inform the letter writers what you want them to address in their letters. Can I send a thank you note to my evaluators?

Re-evaluate your experiences listed on the Activity Form. How many Montana and Wyoming medical students matriculate each year? How can I withdraw my application? Your rank is secure throughout the admissions process. Do you accept electronic transcripts?

What immunizations do I need before I start medical school? Tuition deposits will not be refunded after that date. What are courrsework criteria for establishing Utah residency for tuition purposes? Many medical students take time off from medical school to engage in more in-depth research, pursue an MPH Master’s in Public Healthor to simply devote personal time towards family.

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However, you may find it helpful to be familiar with current events and policies in health care. We need to know ahead of time to help set this up. Please see the RPIP website for more information. Find Us On YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions

For fourth-year rotations, if our medical students let us know far in advance, we can attempt to set up an away rotation at a clinic or facility within Montana or Wyoming. This letter should be from someone who directly taught or supervised you in an academic setting.


Thank you notes are not necessary, but if you choose to send one to your evaluators, please send them to the Office of Admissions, and we will forward them.

We will work with your premedical advisor to provide you with the information you need.

We review each situation on a case-by-case basis, but for the majority of rotations, we can supply a limited amount of premeical to help offset travel costs. If an applicant hasn’t finished their application lremedical later in the cycle, they may want to consider applying for the next year.

Would this be possible during my third year? An email notification that your transcript is available should be sent to deans. What criteria does the Admissions Committee consider when evaluating applicants? The committee also has an interest in your motivation for premeedical medical school. When do you start accepting students? Avoid double dipping whenever you can. Students are required to have continuous health insurance coverage from medical school matriculation through graduation.

How much do Idaho medical students pay in tuition? Dress in professional business premedidal. If your application states that you will receive a Master’s or Doctoral Degree, you must complete all requirements for your degree prior to matriculation. Will I be required to complete a criminal background check?

All applicants are required to take the MCAT within three years of their application.


byu premedical coursework

Participating in research is an opportunity for you to explore your intellectual curiosity. We do not give additional consideration or credit to those who reapply multiple times.

The offer of a position may be rescinded if you do not complete the degree s and premedical courses exactly as stated in your application. For your assistance, we have created a Self-Assessmentwhich is designed to aid you in evaluating whether a career as a medical doctor is right for you and to help you determine if your qualifications, personal characteristics, and goals are a good match for applying to the University of Utah School of Medicine.

byu premedical coursework

We encourage you to meet with your premedical advisor to discuss ways in which you might strengthen your application. All applicants must meet the same requirements. Who determines Idaho residency status?

Approximately applicants interview each year. Read the institutional policy back to top What if I choose to withdraw from your school after I have accepted your offer? We recommend that you shadow several physicians who work in various specialties including primary care so you are able to observe different perspectives regarding the profession.

Acceptance to the University of Utah School of Medicine is contingent on satisfactory results of a criminal background check.