Retrieved 5 May Presidents of the Social Democratic Party. Turning over a new leaf. Archived from the original on 10 October Some have seen this as a political maneuver destined to prove his innocence. However, the press [ who? According to the press, [ citation needed ] [ who?

The fire destroyed two tugs and six barges, and major disaster was avoided when 70 French firemen from Rouen, Gran-Couronne, Grand-Quevily, Canteleu and Moulineaux prevented the fire from reaching the nearby Shell refinery. Soon afterwards, the government fell following the adoption of a motion of no confidence in Parliament. Archived from the original on 3 July This has attracted harsh criticism from all Romanian media. However, his proposal was ignored.

The Security Services since Under the Romanian Constitution, the president appoints the prime minister, but does not have the authority to dismiss him. Retrieved from ” https: Radu Vasile cabinet He ileiscu imprisoned from June to August and died in August Retrieved 5 May Iliescu’s father, Alexandru Iliescu, was a railroad worker with Communist views during the period in which the Romanian Communist Party was banned by the authorities.

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In AprilIon Iliescu was charged in Romania with committing crimes against humanity during the deadly aftermath of the country’s revolution. In a Cluj-Napoca meeting with his supporters he claimed that he “was the one to stop doubtful privatisations,” implicitly accusing rival Social-Democrats of underhand practices while in power.


Bymilitary prosecutors had alleged that the events of were orchestrated by a misinformation campaign on the part of Iliescu’s government, which were disseminated through broadcasting media [31]. The Romanian Intelligence Service in Transition.

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He was sentenced to four years in prison only after his brother’s mandate ended. Presidents of the Social Democratic Party. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.

curriculum vitae ion iliescu

As a consequence, on 10 Januarycuericulum central government decided to dissolve the council, yet it later annulled that decision.

However, his proposal was ignored.

curriculum vitae ion iliescu

The ongoing political crisis prevented Romania from getting two instalments of a billion-euro loan from the International Liiescu Fund and the European Union. However, the press [ who?

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Of the thousands of people investigated of election fraud only one received ioon guilty verdict in Court, a saving face verdict for the errors committed by the US envoy, as per DC News. The ensuing poor relations between the President and the Prime Minister have become one of the primary themes of Romanian post politics, [35] with many unrelated disputes converging towards this dichotomy.

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Archived from the original on 4 January On April 8th,Ion Iliescu was charged with crimes against humanity [39] with newfound evidence such as the so-called “revolution file” which contained alleged evidence of Iliescu’s actions during the protests of Mineriad [40]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Official condemnation of Romanian communism regime. Archived from the original on 16 July Archived from the original on 7 March Retrieved 13 June The office further alleged that attacks were also carried out against peaceful residents [38].

He joined the Union of Communist Youth in and the Communist Party in and made a career in the Communist nomenklaturabecoming a secretary of the Central Committee of the Union of Communist Youth in and a member of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party in This has attracted harsh criticism from all Romanian media. He resigned from PMP leadership inand was elected honorary president of the party at the congress in June Retrieved 7 July From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.