Do we have the equanimity to receive all that life gives us — the good, the bad, the ugly? A fitness movement to tackle obesity, a mindfulness movement to tackle stress, a green movement to tackle environmental degradation. If doing something is like singing a remarkable song, doing nothing is the silence in between the notes. Join a community of , by entering your email below. They are questions to be held with vigor, even in the most uncomfortable moments of life. About Us DailyGood is a portal that shares inspiring quotes and news stories that focus on the “good” we can find in our world daily along with a simple action to continue that goodness. In my early thirties, when I got married and let go of my independence, I let in the beauty of interdependence.

Trending DailyGoods May 8: Dancing, tells us to stop keeping track. But sometimes we were abruptly refused, and we had to cultivate the capacity to accept the gifts hidden in even the most challenging of moments. Many years ago, I remember being moved to tears when I first read the journals of two Buddhist monks who undertook a bowing pilgrimage — three-steps, one-bow for miles. The Importance of Quiet Time Jul In the last two years alone, we have recorded more data than in the entire human history. We walked into a nearby , she got her ice-cream and I paid for it.

So I did, and I had this interview. How Trauma Lodges in the Body. We ate whatever food was offered and slept wherever place was offered.


Stronger than a trampoline. A couple summers ago, we had two year-olds, Neil and Dillan, interning at ServiceSpace.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

May graudation surrender make you an instrument of a greater emergence. If doing something is like singing a remarkable song, doing nothing is the silence in between the notes. There is a famous Sufi story of Mulla Nasruddin, who lost his keys one night.

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Subscribe to DailyGood We’ve sent daily emails for over 16 years, without any ads. Can I buy you something? With small acts, we plant seeds; with a heart of service, we cultivate the field. I want to close with a small story. Gradation renews our faith in humanity.

Paths Are Made By Walking, by Nipun Mehta

It was on on someone who wasn’t even on the scene — my uncle. I see ninety percent, perhaps even more, of life as a result of inexplicable grace. Below is the transcript.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

They are just nature’s gifts — take it or leave it. And no matter what happens, please keep singing — and reminding the world of its song. Another way had just opened up — love.

Paths Are Made By Walking

We saw it during the Boston Marathon when runners completed the zpeech and kept running to the nearest blood bank. But when a small act is selfless, it unleashes a regenerative effect that can build all the way into eternity.


mehra Most of us believe that to give, we first need to have something to give. Many restaurants, and waiters, knew him for this. He was a man of little wealth who still managed to give every single day of his life.

I do know this, though: We just need to listen to our inner voice. Inat what felt like the peak of our service work, my wife and I sold everything we had and mehfa on a walking pilgrimage in India. Yet this much is clear: The good news is that generosity is not a luxury sport. Surely, there will be challenges.

All of you, the class ofare bound to do great things mdhta the world. Our crisis of disconnection needs a renaissance of authentic friendship.

Inspired, he went around trying to share this insight with others — and failed miserably. I would be delighted to receive your offering.

graduation speech by nipun mehta

What the world needs today is a resurgence of virtue. On our walking pilgrimage, we noticed that those who had the least were most readily equipped to honor the priceless.