His scientific curiosity and guidance allowed me to navigate largely uncharted waters and he encouraged me to discover. Yariv, “Measurement of spontaneous emission from a two-dimensional photonic band gap defined microcavity at near-infrared wavelengths,” App. I introduced single flies that had recently consumed food into chambers and tracked their walking and monitored their flying movements as they became hungry. Buzi, Gentian Control theoretic analysis of autocatalytic networks in biology with applications to glycolysis. Cohen, Oskar Painter, and H.

Modeling and Applications”, Opt. Superposition, zero-point motion, entanglement, and inescapable bounds on measurement precision are just a few purely quantum mechanical effects that come to mind. Painter, “Beyond the Rayleigh scattering limit in high-Q silicon microdisks: Fang, Brett Berger, Johannes M. Painter “Photoluminescence measurements of quantum-dot-containing semiconductor microdisk resonators using optical fiber taper waveguides,” Phys.

jasper caltech thesis

After the national attention he How must the person figures relate to each other? I introduced single flies that had recently consumed food into chambers and tracked their walking and monitored their flying movements as they became hungry.

Golisz, Suzanne Rose Organometallic reaction mechanisms: Painter, “A picogram- and nanometer-scale photonic crystal opto-mechanical cavity”, Nature, Volpp. We further show work in improving the optomechanical coupling and quality factors of these devices, as well as devising more efficient coupling schemes to improve measurement sensitivity. Based in San Franciscos Golden Gate Park, it is home to a world-class aquarium, planetarium, and natural history museumall under one living roof.


jasper caltech thesis

Bender, John Andrew Elements of feed-forward and feedback control in Drosophila body saccades. Khankhoje, Uday Kiran Photon confinement in photonic crystal cavities.

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This list was generated on Wed May 22 Scherer, “Finite-difference time-domain calculation of the spontaneous emission coupling factor in thesjs microcavities,” IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, v35 8pp.

Metabolic impacts on the hydrogen isotope content of bacterial lipids.

Vriend, Nathalie Maria Booming sand dunes. Painter, “Nanoscale quantum dot infrared sensors with photonic crystal cavity,” App. More information and software credits. With the set of experiments described within the second chapter, I studied the influence of mating experience on the movement priorities of Drosophila.

Gmachl, “Experimental demonstration of a high-Q photonic crystal microcavity,” App. Thdsis, “Modal reflectivity in finite-depth two-dimensional photonic-crystal microcavities,” Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, v15 3pp. Painter, “Fabrication-tolerant high quality factor photonic crystal microcavities,” Optics Express, Vol. Express, v15 10pp.

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Painter, “Nonlinear response of silicon photonic crystal micresonators excited via an integrated waveguide and fiber taper, ” Optics Express, Vol. Vahala, “Ultra-low-loss optical delay line on a silicon chip,” Nature Communications, v3, art. Sercel, “Fiber-coupled microsphere laser,” Optics Letters, v25 19pp.

Shen, Kai Olfactory object recognition and generalization in the insect brain. Painter “Single quantum dot spectroscopy using a fiber jasprr waveguide near-field optic,” App.

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Shenoi, Sanjay Krishna, Thesid Painter, “Design of plasmonic caltefh crystal resonant cavities for polarization sensitive infrared photodetectors”, Optics Express, Vol. Cable, Morgan Leigh Life in extreme environments: Painter “Self-induced optical modulation of the transmission through a high-Q silicon microdisk resonator,” Optics Express, Vol.


Modeling and Applications”, Opt. Fuller, Sawyer Buckminster Steady as she goes: Quantum mechanics continues to intrigue us with bizarre predictions calttech seemingly run counter to our everyday classical intuition. Betancur, Paola Cis-regulatory analysis of the key developmental gene, Sox10, in neural crest and ear. Yariv, “Finite-difference time-domain calculation of spontaneous emission lifetime in a microcavity,” Journal of the Optical Society of America B-Optical Physics, v16 3pp.

Jayaraman, Vivek Neural circuit dynamics and ensemble coding in the locust and fruit fly olfactory system. Schroeder, Brian On elliptic semiplanes, an algebraic problem in matrix theory, and weight enumeration of certain binary cyclic codes. Wongpiromsarn, Tichakorn Formal methods for design and verification of embedded control systems: Kejie Fang, Matthew M. Directions for preparation of the thesis for electronic or paper submission are available at the Office of the University Registrar dissertationthesis web valtech.