Al-Sayed, Ahmed Helmi Effect of the rigidity of columns and the dimensional changes in beams on post-tensioning forces. Yaqub, Mohammed Prediction of species concentration and temperature profile in methanol oxygen and argon flame. Moallim, Mohamed Ali Management of groundwater resources in Somalia. Ali, Syed Ahmed Effects of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and water on catalytic hydrogenation of propylbenzene. Asghar, Asad Experimental investigations of the vortex flow behind a circular cone at high angles of attack. Al-Ghamdi, Khalid Saleh Investigation of structural stability and vibrational spectra of some organizations. Maghrabi, Husain Tofig Linear-phase modified duobinary data transmission filter.

Ghaffar Tooth tip losses in external gear pumps. Al-Anazi, Dahham Matar Weibull reliability analysis and maintenance strategies of rotating equipment. Bashmal, Salem Mohamed Finite element analysis of stick-slip vibrations in drillstrings. Al-Amri, Ghazi Mohammed A. Siddiqi, Zaki Uddin Effects of geotextiles on the load-carrying capacity of pavements on Sabkha.

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Bawah, Abdullah Umar Optimal shunt compensators at nonlinear busbars. El-Nawati, Mohamed Ibrahim Deformation of cohesionless soils under repeated loading. Ajward, Mohamed Hubail Dispersion of chloroform in a saturated porous media.

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Bhatti, Umar Iqbal Fuzzy optimal control. Baik, Tambi Mohammad Sharief Neocognitron: Al-Gadhib, Ali Husain The Influence function technique in the numerical analysis of plate bending of arbitrary plan form.


Refai, Jubran Ali Ahmed A Modified nodal formulation parametric sensitivities for power system analysis. Gusti, Aiman Mustafa Mahmoud The final set of mesomorphic and entire functions.

Al Athel, Khaled S. Mohammed, Aliyu Shazali Computational chemo-damage transport modeling of durability synergies in concrete. Muhanna, Abdullah Moosa Numerical investigation of laminar natural convection flows in obstructed vertical channels.

Al-Shalan, Furaih Fayiz Performance of quadrature amplitude modulation in Nakagami fading channels with diversity. Naeem, Wasif Nonlinear predictive control using genetic algorithms. Ayoub, Mohammed Abdalla Development and testing of an artificial neural network model for predicting bottomhole pressure in vertical multiphase flow.

Al-Kuhaili, Mohammad Fayyad Laser-induced ionization in calcium resonant and non-resonant effects.

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Faizullah, Safiullah Partitioning and mapping nested loops on message-passing multiprocessors. Al-Zahrnah, Iyad Talal Performance evaluation and multiobjective optimization of passive vehicle suspension systems. Abdullah, Medhat Kamal Analysis of horizontally curved pseudo slab type bridge deck continuous over discrete pier supports.

Hassan, Abbi Moghaiyera Optimal design of multicharacteristic inspection plan udner inspection errors and statistical dependency. Zummo, Salam Adel Hassan Performance and design of space-time trellis codes for wireless channels.

Fabrication, Properties and Energy Conversion Applications. Ali, Tmeplate Farooq Efficacy of contractor prequalification models.


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A State of the Art. Abul-Feilat, Emad Areslan Optimum design of continuous partially prestressed concrete beams.

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Masood, Khalid Some exact and approximate inverse boundary and scattering problems. Barnawi, Abdulaziz Yagoub Multicast routing protocol with partial flooding for ad hoc wireless networks.

Iyaz, Shoukat Validation and improvement of rear-end traffic conflict model for safety evaluation of coordinated signal systems.

Tiwana, Rizwan Ali A PC-based system for the determination of harmonics and intermodulation products in nonlinear circuits. Falqi, Fahad Hussain Kinetics and equilibrium adsorption of phosphates removal on activated templte. Adebowale, Awotunde Abeeb Interference testing using horizontal wells in anisotropic reservoirs.

Abido, Mohammed Ali Intelligent techniques approach to power systems identification and control.

Ahmad, Shafique Chain transfer agents: Impacts and Participation Strategies. Farooq Self tuning control of nonlinear systems: Darhmaoui, Hassane Temperature dependent angle-resolved photoemission study of the valence bands of single crystal iridium.