Farmland destroyed by falling ash and pumice, unusable for years, the harvest was destroyed and , people lost their jobs. The eruption removed so much magma and rock from below the volcano that the summit collapsed into the underlying magma chamber to form a large volcanic caldera which filled with water that was over 1. Only a few hundred people died in the initial eruption. The following year 3, homes were destroyed. You are commenting using your Google account. Electricity went off, water was contaminated, road links were destroyed, and telephone links were cut.

The economy of central Luzon was horribly disrupted. It is located at the plate boundary between to the Eurasian and Philippine Plate. During the caldera lake on Mt Pinatubo rose to dangerous levels and the water changed color in January On 31 October a magnitude 5. Heavy rainfall from Typhoon Yunga causes buildings to collapse.

mt pinatubo case study gcse

Remnants of this predecessor are seen in the ancient caldera. The eruption is believed to have influenced such events as floods along the Mississippi river and the drought in the Sahel region of Africa.

At least 20, were estimated to have been saved from the eruption, largely due to aggressive monitoring and public information campaigns. Placed strategies for long term aid and disease control in evacuations prepared for. Alert systems put linatubo place to warn of eruption.

This triggered more small earthquakes and caused powerful steam explosions that blasted three craters on the North side of the volcano. The United States experienced its third coldest and third wettest summer in 77 years during You are commenting using your Google account.


Prediction, Prevention, Aid and Monitoring. What they actually did.

mt pinatubo case study gcse

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The maximum reduction in global temperature caae in August with a reduction of 0. An estimated people died following the eruption.

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It is one of a chain of volcanoes known as the Luzon volcanic arc, which is the result of the Oceanic Philippine plate being subducted under the lighter Continental Eurasian plate.

Houses and bridges destroyed and ggcse replacing and Manila airport had to be closed. Remarkable sunrises and sunsets were visible around the globe in the years following the Mount Pinatubo eruption. It then resurfaces as the density of the molten magma becomes lower than that ccase the rock, and so it pushes it up through the small cracks and explodes out through a volcano.

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Back to Main Page. Rice paddies and sugar-cane fields that have not been buried by lahars have recovered; those buried by lahars will be out of use for years to come. Storage of medical supplies, food and water in prevention for future disasters should also be accounted for.

On June 12, the danger radius was extended to 30 kilometers Additionally, another Mount Pinatubo eruption in August killed 72 people. The eruption removed so much magma and rock from below the volcano that the summit collapsed to form a large volcanic depression caldera 1.

USA air force helicopters helped. Damage following the Mount Pinatubo eruption was usually caused by lahars — rain-induced torrents of volcanic debris that killed people and animals and buried homes in the months after the eruption. Fast flowing volcanic mudflows lahars cause sever river bank erosion, undercut bridges etc. Watch the Sulphur Dioxide cloud disperse on this movie.


mt pinatubo case study gcse

The following year 3, homes were destroyed. This has huge influences on the economy.

The Volcano is slightly offset from the plate boundary as, when the Oceanic plate is subducted it is melted and forced away as molten magma by the high pressures exerted on it. This volcano has experienced major eruptions approximately, and years before present B. You are commenting using your WordPress. There was 10 cm cae ash covering an area of square kilometers square miles. By the morning of June 8, a lava dome appeared on the peak.

Case Study 4 – Composite Volcano – Mount Pinatubo

Thousands of roofs collapsed under the weight of ash made wet by heavy rains. In order to prevent further impacts from the eruption, the organisations involved could set up permanent monitoring points or use satellite images to analyse changes in land movement and predict future volcanic eruptions at the site. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: