Video games with educational purposes serious games are increasingly used in a wide variety of contexts to promote and measure personality processes such as moral sensitivity. Proposal View degrees here. Professional network scientists, europe’s first established democratic political system today, offers wide variety under real world conditions-Finding relevant patterns. The requirements for writing a paper at the DBF are a good and well-written Research Proposal for deviating terms see table below as well as a deep knowledge of the respective field. Especially the relevant lectures must have been visited and passed with good marks.

Information on the Quantitative Finance program. Proof that the assessment level has been passed transcript of records, module booking printout or online summary of credits on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop Students in a Master’s program: Graduates are ideally qualified to assume specialized or management roles of significant responsibility in the banking, insurance and consulting industries and in the public sector. Christoph Basten Banking und Regulierung. The Master’s degree qualifies graduates for demanding activities, such as starting a professional career or, for suitable candidates, continuing their academic career in a Doctoral program. Admission is very competitive.

Interview in den UZH News. Banking and Finance is available as: The research and interest fields of the assistants, listed in the table below, as well as thesid possible specific selections of topics might aid to make a decision. General description Master’s programs provide an advanced academic education and allow students to complete independent academic and project-based work.

Banking and Finance

A further career opportunity is to enter a PhD in quantitative finance. In person at the Dean’s Office or the Department of Informatics. Information on the Quantitative Finance program. Marc Chesney Microfinance, financr sector development, impact and sustainable investing. Application To write a paper at the DBF a written application is required.


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Related literature Tanner, C. In Financial Economics, you will deal with resource allocation as well as pricing on capital and financial markets, and in Quantitative Finance, you will use applied mathematical methods to analyze financial market-related subjects. Moreover, graduates with the right aptitude have the opportunity to pursue academic research by completing a doctorate.

The decision is based on an evaluation of the curriculum of the program of studies completed, as well as other documents. The date on the postmark is considered to be the submission date. Limited availability for empirical Masters Theses in Stata on: Recognition and transfer of external credits Please fill out the form below to submit a petition for transferring coursework which is not part of the curriculum of the degree bankinng.

The individual departments can provide additional assistance when it comes to selecting a topic. Thanks to guest lectures from business representatives and seminars offered in cooperation with companies, you will bnking into contact with the professional world right from an early stage.

Stefano Battiston Systemic risk, Financial Systems and networks, social economic networks.

uzh master thesis banking and finance

Master’s thesis Registration for graduation The directives for the Master’s thesis and graduation are described in the regulations. Can be combined with the following minor programs:. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the secretariat of the mathematics tuesis. Requests have to be in English.


Master’s degree programs provide students with an advanced academic education and allow them to shape their own profiles. Submission The thesis must be submitted no later than the agreed submission deadline. Sources competitive advantage investment specialization course International Insurance offers education national markets.

Candidates foreign also need to fill out form.

In Banking, you will take a more intensive look at the structures of credit institutions and how they work. MSc in Quantitative Finance is available as: The application ought to be directed in time to one of the following addresses by e-mail: Contact Contact David Schmocker for further information and an initial conversation.

Two bound copies must be submitted. Business and Economics or Quantitative Finance students must collect their project definition in person from the Dean’s Office of the Faculty. Empirical analysis of large economic networks and modelling of their dynamic.

uzh master thesis banking and finance

Content Video games with educational purposes serious games are increasingly used in a wide variety of contexts to promote and measure personality processes such as moral sensitivity. Interested persons need to apply online for a place of study.

Please consider the availability in the subsequent table column: