Paris , Toeplitz quantization , J. Holyoke College, June , Geometric quantization and dynamical constructions on the space of Kahler metrics , Ph. Jeffres Kahler-Einstein metrics with edge singularities , with an appendix by C. Introduction to Optimal Transportation course , Winter , at Stanford: Lifespan , Crelle’s J.

Darvas Kiselman’s principle, the Dirichlet problem for the Monge-Ampere equation, and rooftop obstacle problems alternative link , J. Smooth and singular Kahler-Einstein metrics in: Related Fields 6 , Holyoke College, June , Kahler Manifolds course K, Fall Legendre transform , Adv. Vakil REUs with limited faculty involvement, “underrepresented” subjects in the undergraduate curriculum, and the culture of Mathematics , in:

yanir rubinstein thesis

Darvas A minimum principle for Lagrangian graphspreprint,arxiv: Cheltsov Asymptotically log Fano varietiesAdv. Teaching Introduction to Number Theory rubineteinFall Clarke Ricci flow and the metric completion of the space of Kahler metricsAmer.

Related Fields 6 Gueron The minimal reversible coagulation-fragmentation process having no factorized coagulation and fragmentation rates, Markov Process.

Klartag Complex interpolation of R-norms, duality and foliationspreprint,arxiv: Darvas Kiselman’s principle, the Dirichlet problem for thessis Monge-Ampere equation, and rooftop obstacle problems alternative linkJ. MWF 11am and 1: Artstein-Avidan Differential analysis of polarity: Staffilani On the global well-posedness of the one-dimensional Schrodinger map flowAnalysis and PDE 2 Ziller On the Ricci iteration for homogeneous metrics on spheres and projective spacespreprint,arxiv: Past Seminars Stanford: Clarke Conformal deformations of the Ebin metric and a generalized Calabi metric on the space of Riemannian metricsAnn.


Topics in Complex Analysis: Geometric and Spectral Analysis P.


Non Lineaire 30 Solomon The degenerate special Lagrangian equationAdv. Klartag Complex Legendre dualitypreprint,arxiv: The Yamabe Problem course F, Spring Toeplitz quantizationJ.

yanir rubinstein thesis

Darvas Tian’s properness conjectures and Finsler geometry of the space of Kahler metricsJ. Geometric microlocal analysis course G, Fall Some discretizations of geometric evolution equations and the Ricci iteration on the space of Kahler metrics rubinsteim, Adv. Legendre transformAdv. Zelditch Bergman approximations of harmonic maps into the space of Kahler metrics on toric varietiesJ.

Panchev On discontinuity of planar optimal transport mapsJ.

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Informal graduate student seminar on Kahler geometry through examples. Smooth and singular Kahler-Einstein metrics in: The Ricci iteration and its applicationsC.

yanir rubinstein thesis

Lu Quantization in geometric pluripotential theorypreprint,arxiv: Zhang Basis log canonical thresholds, local intersection estimates, and asymptotically log del Pezzo surfacesSelecta Math. Peterson Turbulence on a desktopComp. LifespanCrelle’s J. Paris Geometric Analysis courseFall Chodosh Slowly converging Yamabe flowsGeom.